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11th January, 2022 (Tuesday) @ 3.00 pm

11th January, 2022 (Tuesday) @ 3.00 pm

Market is a little quiet today. The stable value stocks triggered but the volume are small. Even big investors are taking a cautious stance waiting for some news or sentiment to send a catalyst to take action. But it seems everyone is waiting for someone to pull the trigger first!

But for today, I like to focus on INARI (0166), since 17th March 2020, it has been trending upwards till last week, a period of almost 2 years. Those who bought and held till today are rewarded handsomely. But what goes up will come down.

If you are still holding INARI now, may I suggest you EXIT and take profit while you can. The sell down has begun.

However, if your fingers are absolutely itchy and cannot resist for some action, a limited but still a good choice would be FAVCO (7229). Take a look and I cannot say anymore.

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