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3rd January, 2022 @ 12.30pm. Stocks in focus

3rd January, 2022 @ 12.30pm. Stocks in focus

2 stocks triggered at 12.30 pm today on 3/1/2022 that is worthy of our attention. The 3rd triggered at 3.00 pm, see and check below. 2 more stocks triggered at 4.00 pm see below.


INARI (0166) did a MA Rebound and continues with the trend with momentum strength with Buyer's Intact doning a handsome volume of 24,561 lots by 12.30 pm.

3A (0012) also did a MA Rebound continuing its trend momentum with Buyer's Intact with volume done at 20,029 lots at the close of 12.30 pm. 3A appears as an example in my book Trend is Friend in describing my diagrams. Happy to note it is delivering the results.

EFORCE (0065) triggered at 3.00 pm with volume done at 26,027 lots and still trying to do a Squeeze Breakout. Let's see by 4.30 pm if it manages to fulfil the condition. We can then predict if the trend and momentum will continue.

BPPLAS (5100) and WELLCAL (7231) are from repeating the previous list indicating continuing trend and momentum due to follow up buying interest. If you are still holding from before, ride to the max.

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