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HPMT (5291) ON 13/12/2021 @ 12.00pm Squeeze Breakout

HPMT (5291) ON 13/12/2021 @ 12.00pm Squeeze Breakout

HPMT (5291) was triggered at 12.00 noon with volume 26,344 lots done on a Squeeze Breakout strategy on mid Wave 3.

HPMT Holdings Berhad is a Malaysia-based investment holding company that manufactures and distributes cutting tools. The Company trades in third-party cutting tools, supporting equipment and accessories for metalworking, as well as provides physical vapor deposition coating services. It offers surface coating services to producers of cutting tools, moulds and dies, and component wear parts. It manufactures turning cutting tools, standard cutting tools, drills, T-slot cutters, taper ball-nose cutters, step burnishing drills and step end mills. It serves the customers in various industries, including mould and die, electronics, automotive, aerospace, medical, and dental industries. It distributes to more than 30 countries, in Europe and Asia under its HPMT brand and its distributors’ private labels. Its subsidiaries include Herroz Sdn Bhd, HPMT Deutschland GmbH, HPMT Industries Sdn Bhd, HPMT (Shenzhen) Limited, MTC Tooling Systems Limited and Pentagon Coating Technologies Sdn Bhd.


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