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My Introduction to "Malaysia Business Hub"

My Introduction to "Malaysia Business Hub"
Good morning. Thank you Goh Ming Hun for adding me into the Group. He requested I intro myself, so here it is.

I am first, a retiree since 9 years ago. I kill my time investing in the stock market to make some blow water pocket money with my Tai Chi kaki. But since the last 2 years lockdown made me go a bit crazy, I decide to put my hobbying idea of investing into words. Just must do something before psychosis sets in.

My twin sons also just graduated last July and are unable return to Malaysia due to Covid19. Being a concerned father I decide to come out retirement to become their partners in business. They are graphic art designers and this is their first project to do the creatives, outlay and production for my new book, design my website and promote virtual marketing and vlogging. Whatever that mean.

On my side, I am advisor, funder and now mentoring them on the art of investing as well. I hope to turn and convert them from creative practitioner to number cruncher. End of day, I hope to leave a legacy with them as a concerned father and parent.

Hi! My name is Eddie See, aged 64 and is half blind in the right eye due to diabetes. Luckily, Covid19 and new advanced technology allow me the chance to sell virtually and also tutor those who wish for further mentoring in the art and science of risk-managed investing. This is my present business. My core business, however, is to ensure my twin sons takes after me.

I recognised 2 persons in this group, Steven Lim and James Andres just because their phone number happens in my list as well. They are BNC members from a previous club I joined. For the rest of the 110 member, you only are known to me by your phone number. As you add my name into your list, I too would like to do the same so we can get acquainted and get to know each other better.

So, may I request each of you to just type your name and do a sent message to help me put your name to the number.

I am glad to happen into this group by Goh Ming Hun and hope to contribute positively to those who might be interested in what I do. I understand not all would, but those who would, start by reading my book. Thank you

p/s: Posting excerpt from "Malaysia Business Hub" whom my good friend Goh Ming Hun introduced me into.

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