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TIF Investing Club Membership

TIF Investing Club Membership

Beginning 9 September 2022, the "Trend is Friend" Author, Eddie See offers TIF Club Membership to any investors to fellowship and share and ask any questions one might have regarding investments in KLSE, Malaysia.

TIF Investing Club is a pay-once-permanent membership at RM99.00 for life. 

This initial offer will lapse on 31 December 2022. Future 2023 membership will be on monthly subsrcription basis after the year end deadline..

Benefits of joining this Club.
1. Be among like minded investors to share common ideas and discussions.
2. Get your investing question answered by Author and Club members.
3. Seek opinions on particular stock for decision making.
4. Procure support and suggestions for technical and fundamental analysis.
5. Get daily potential stock trigger from tutor and author of Book.
6. Get forecast for potential target price for profit taking.
7. Friendly group support so you are in good company and be encouraged to go on.
8. You will be placed in a Whatsapp group and receive instant communication daily.
9. There is a max cap of 200 maximum membership allowed for focus attention.
10. There will be occasional free online tutorials by the tutor and for specific topics on requests.

You may also Whatsapp me at +6018-2480286 should you have any other questions.

To subscribe a Life Membership, check out this link below:

TIF Investing Club Membership – Trend is Friend (

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