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About the Author and a Secret Strategy on Investing.

Eddie See has been a retiree since 2013 and has been living out my retirement using the stock market for sustainable/continuing expense income and pocket money. Of course, there are days of shorts as well. And there are days of abundance. Life is random and never traverses in a straight line. That is also what makes it exciting and fearful too.

My secret to keeping going is to never stop learning and improving, no matter what the circumstances of life have to offer. There is no option to give up and it is mandatory to possess two important attributes in life: Discipline and Patience! These are personal attributes that are going to take you to success in investing.

Learn the basics of investing, contained in the text of my book, "Trend is Friend". There is no alternative to practising the rituals and routine and to keep following the system to the dot. That is the only requirement to achieve success in investing. 

Follow the rule and act on the mandate. Enter on strategy trigger, take action to Buy and Cut Off at a timely stop loss and Take Profit when the goal is achieved. Making money from the stock market is a boring process. Then again, it is better to be bored than to be poor! Persistence may be boring and laborious, but it pays!

Make your investment strategy as simple as possible. Just follow the system and your sole objective is basically to make your probability of winning greater than the median of 50%. On a random basis, even without a strategy or a plan of action, your investment will yield two outcomes, 50% win versus 50% loss. That is the universal law of the probability of outcomes over time.
Using the Trend Following Strategy, you may increase your win probability to 70%. To finally win in the long run, and statistically speaking, you only need to win by maintaining your Reward/Risk Ratio of 2:1 or greater, for better outcomes.

Mathematically, by applying the strategy of Timely Entry thereby increasing your win probability to say 70% and reducing your risk exposure using the Reward/Risk Exit Strategy of at least 2:1, you jump your overall win ability to 140% against your loss probability to 30%.
The newly adjusted median probability of Win to Loss is by adding 140%+30%=170% and then dividing by 2, to bring you back to the median, giving you an advantage of 85% win to 15% loss. This is called the smart risk management ritual.

You must play the game based on strict house rules with a consistent routine and strict discipline. Greed and Fear will be the emotion that will let you down always! Keep them at bay! Boring is dull but a good paymaster!

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To help you improve your investing skill even further, buy and read my e-book "Trend is Friend" but that is optional. If you want to speed up your learning curve, then read. Moreover, after reading the book, those financial technical jargon won't sound so Greek.

I wish you a pleasant journey together.